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Onboarding: Sign up on eTax

Follow step-by-step instructions to successfully onboard.


The basic requirement to onboard on eTax portal is your TIN number ( Tax Identification Number). The home page provides you with link to create a KGTIN for yourself if you do not have.

SIGN UP:For new users.
INDIVIDUAL KGTIN REGISTRATION:For individuals without KGTIN number.
NON INDIVIDUAL KGTIN REGISTRATION:For non individuals without KGTIN numbers.
LOGIN:For returning users who have successfully on-boarded.
FORGET PASSWORD:To retrieve forgotten password for a returning user.
Sign Up

For first time users with a TIN number click on SIGNUP on the home page.

Provide TIN, click on the captcha, accept terms and conditions and click on GET STARTED. A token is sent to the phone number / email linked to the TIN number provided.

On the validation page, enter the token sent to you, set password, click turing, accept terms and condition then click on GET STARTED.

Successful onboarding redirects you to your dashboard.


Onboarding is done once. For returning users, provide your TIN number, enter your password, click on the captcha and click on LOGIN.

Successful login redirects you to your dashboard.